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The Breed

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Legend says that the breed Welsh Corgi was the fairies dogs, and they were used as both mounts and draft animals. Out on the moors in Welsh, hardly anyone believed in fairies. But there was one farm where they both believed that they excisted and helped them as best they could.
As a reward the people on the farm eventually recieved two puppies from the fairies and out of these the breed of Welsh Corgi was born.
You can still see the brighter fields in the coat which are marks of the harness behind the shoulders on the side of a Corgi.

This is the tale of our race, and they originated from Wales in England.

As recently as the 1920's we crossed the two breeds Pembroke and Cardigan, but since then there have been two different breeds. 

Pembroke may have slightly different colors, but red is the most common although tricolore is also very common today. Tails today may have different length, when we have the bobtail gene that we breed it means that today there are both long, half-length and short tail. 

Pembroke should have a low physique, and be powerfully built. When you see it you should'nt think: What a long-dog, but:-What short legs. So, you could say it's a big dog with short legs.
The coat is slightly rough and made to be able to be out in all weathers, both day and night.
It has been used to herd both horses and cows. The Corgi is a heeler, which means that it pinches at the animals heels to get them to move. 

It is a cheerful and positive dog who likes to be in the center of attention and to be on the move. They enjoys to be active in one way or another, for example working with obedience, agility or to go on long walks and perhaps help you to pick mushrooms. They like to be where ever the family is, and often tells you when someone's at the door, so that no one enters the house uninvited.
To have several Pembrokes is almost more like a rule than an exception, and they work very well together as long as they have a good leader who has made it clear what rules apply. 

The breed is very fortunate to not have any diseases that are prevalent and counted as perticular breed-diseases. It is consistently a keen and healthy breed that is rarely sick, and if they get ill, they usually handles it very well.

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