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Kennel Igro´c is located in Sweden, and the Northern part of the province Halland, in the village Kungsäter lying between the two cities of Varberg and Borås.

In the end of the year of -89 our family moved to this little red house with white corners, which is now painted blue.


Now, it’s only me, Eva, and my husband Mats left living in the house, together with our two cats Doris and Maya, which are mother and daughter, and of course Corgis in varying numbers. Our three children has left the nest one by one in the last couple of years.


We live in a nautral setting, with only one visible neighbor which is a summer residence. Here we have incredible opportunities to walk the dogs and have puppies running around out in the open.


I had my first litter in 1986 and that signifies that in the year of 2011 the kennel celebrated its 25th anniversary.


On the other side of the village, about 7 kilometers away, my oldest daughter Camilla lives with her husband, two little daughters and two Corgis. Camilla has recently become a joint owner of my mother’s kennel Wee-Folk´s and had her first litter in 2010.


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Eva Granlund Sjöström



 Me when I'm as most comfortable; surrounded by Corgis









Eva Granlund Sjöström

Äskekärr, Lersik

519 92 Kungsäter




 +46 (0)320 810 86







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