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Kennel Wee-Folk's


Kennel Wee-folk's started with Björg Granlund importing the bitch Siggen's Night of Excitement from Kennel Siggen in Norway. This was the year 1983 and the Pembroke which lived with the family was getting old and the interest in breeding Welsh Corgi Pembroke had awoken.

Eyes wandered outside the country and was caught by Kennel Siggen in Norway.
Björg and her daughter Eva went up there the first time in 1983, when a bitch imported from England had puppies which then was 4 weeks old.

The bitch was Vanrell Aurora, and she had mated in England with Blands Status Symbol and had given birth to 3 tricoulor bitches. 
They were lucky enough to buy one of them and it became "Mette", Siggen's Night of Excitement.
She was a big personality, a real Pem-bitch with a lot of self-determination and "dog-power", she got the titles SN Ch.

In 1985 Mette then mated with Int o Nord Ch Siggen's Cassy and gave birth to 8 puppies, 6 females and 2 males. It was an incredible litter where all the girls did well at shows.

SN Ch Wee-Folk's Adorable Annie went back to the Kennel Siggen's and became the year's most winning bitch in Norway in 1989.

S Ch Wee-Folk's Abourne Aften was the year's most winning bitch in Sweden in 1990.

S Ch Lp Wee-Folk's Amusing Alfie stayed in the family and was a founder Kennel Igro'c. She was this year's most winning Pem in 1989, and most winning Pem-bitch in 1993. She was the mother of Igro'c Felicitation who have made a great impression on the Swedish breeding community.

Wee-Folk's Ambitious Amie was shown just a couple of times, but became best bitch in a special exhibition in Säter in 1986.

Wee-Folk's Anciuos Abbie and Active Adele was both shown a great deal. They won CC and CK the both of them.
Abbie was also the mother of the kennels second litter in 1988, along with N S Ch Skokholm Choirmaster of Meljac. They got 7 puppies of which three became Swedish Champions:

Wee-folk's Big Ben
Wee-folk's Bright Brisket
Wee-folk's Big Surprise

Since then the kennel has been at rest, but will now start up again, as a collaboration between Björg and her grandchild Camilla Järeslätt.

Today the kennel has Ulf's Chanti and Cardigan male Belroyd Pemcader Geraint and with Eva at Kennel Igro'c there is still lines left from the origin Siggen's Night of Excitement.

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Camilla Järeslätt

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519 91 Istorp 




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  • Puppies!
    The 23rd of April Chanti gave birth to three wonderful puppies. One bitch with bobtail and two males with long tails.


  • Chanti has now mated with Fergwyn Magic O Power (Pete) from Kennel Igro'c