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Homeopathy helps the body to find its vitality and the road to healing. With homeopathic medicine you can treat many types of diseases, both physical and psychological such as allergies, various types of skin problems, migraine, recurrent colds, etc.

The homeopathic medicines are, in their potency form, is not toxic and has no side effects. They are presented with the intent to not affect only a specific organ in the same way for all people.

A homeopathic remedy imposes no reaction, it frustrates its effect only when it is optimally adapted to an individual. The effect is not transferable. Ie: the same remedies for one person that is free from sympthoms within a short time, is completely ineffective for another.

Homeopathy is free from harmful side effects and is not affected by chemical medicament. On the other hand, the homeopathic medicine is not affected by the chemical therapy, because homeopathy does work chemically, but stimulates the body's own self-healing power.
I was trained in Homeopathy Forum Arcanum in Gothenburg and I've studied it for 5 1 / 2 years.













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