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My first Welsh Corgi Pembroke arrived in the family in 1970. His name was Cassimar Celebration, and the year after that he was accompanied by Cassimar Firecrest.

During the following years I focused mostly in obidiance, and in 1977 it was time for a new dog, and it got to be a Newfoundland, who also competed in obidiance.

Before my family was filled out entirely with Pembroke’s I had both two Newfoundlands and one Leonberger.

In the winter of 1980 Karisma’s Dream Flash arrived and a few months later, in January 1981 my oldest daughter Camilla was born.


During that time, my mother and I shared custody in a transferred bitch from Kennel Cowbell, Dainty. We tried to get her pregnant but unfortunately it failed.


My mind for breeding woke up early on, and I was looking for dogs to start of with. My mother bought the bitch Siggen’s Night of Excitement, “Mette”, in 1983 and then we were both on the right track.

In 1984 my son Jonas arrived, at the same time as my new bitch Siggen’s Pearl and after that I started to have litters almost every year.


The docking bancame to Sweden in 1989 and not many knew, what would become of this. At that time I had Wee-Folk’s Amusing Alfie, daughter of Mette, and I mated her with an English imported male, NUCH Jofren Nabob, who lived in Norway at Kennel Botgatun.

From that litter, in the spring of 1990, came Igro’c Felicitation and that same year I had my youngest daughter Emmy.

We called Igro’c Felicitation “Fille”, and he has left great impression in the Swedish bobtails and his name can still be found in many pedigrees.


In 1992 I had two new dogs. From Kennel Blands in England came Blands Peaches ‘N Cream, and from Norway came Siggen’s Harmony, both bobtailed bitches. From Siggen’s Harmony I had, among others, Igro’c Octavia.


I managed to receive the title of Best Breeder of Sweden in the years of 1992, 1994, 1996 and 1997. I had the Most WinningPembroke in 1989, 1994 and 1997, and the Most WinningBitch in 1994.


In 1999 I decided to take a break for a few years, and I hade no litters until 2001, then one in 2003 and after that it took until 2006. But after those calm years my interest is back on top and I am going full speed again.

Since I am concentrating hard on preserving the bobtail-factor I imported, together with Marie Ingemarsson, the Australian champion male AUS NORD CH KBW 09 Fergwyn Power O Magic in 2008. We are hoping that he will be enriching Swedish breeding with some new genes.


In the year of 2007 Igro’c Star Trek, with owner Marie Ingemarsson, became the MostWinning Pembroke in Sweden and he also, during that year, won the titles of NORD CH and Nordic Winner -08. During the first six months of 2009 he was certified the new international title C.I.B.


My vision for the future is the same as it has always been; to bring something to the breed, and engender healthy, sociable and beautiful dogs typical for the breed of Welsh Corgi Pembroke.










Eva Granlund Sjöström

Äskekärr, Lersik

519 92 Kungsäter




 +46 (0)320 810 86






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